A unique enchanted place.
The island of Linosa, situated in the Sicilian channel, belongs to the Pelagie Arcipelago together with Lampedusa and Lampione.
The island is of comparably recent volcanic origin (presumably from pre- quaternarian times), and is caracterized by three main highlands surrounding a central vale, called >Fossa del Cappellano>( The Chaplain Pit).
From the top of Mount Vulcano, the ideal starting point for a classical hiking tour of Linosa, you can enjoy a splendid view of the whole island, while going along the crater championing varied and interesting flora and fauna, such as capers, lentils, endemic lizards, rare beetles and a few marine birds such as the royal sea- gull and the Berta major, both nesting on the island),Linosa is best known for its spectacular backdrop.
Any description, even the most accurate one, would not give you the faintest idea of what you will see underwater, in that silent, luxuriant realm of hidden nature. There, grottoes, rovines, creeks are home to a dissying profusion of marine life, be it vegetable or animal,the wonderful Mediterranean sea where tropical life is slowly attempting to set foot.
To whom decide to arrive by sea, there are available ferry-boats ships of Siremar (phone: 0922/636683) which leave from Porto Empedocle(AG) every day but Friday; During the Summer season, from 1st of June to 30th of Semptember , it is not allowed to disembark any vehicle on the island.


On the island there isn't any bank, any ATM but Banco Posta by the post office, and it's not possible to use credit card.

Useful numbers:
Guardia medica tel. 0922-972115 via V. Alfieri; Carabinieri tel. 0922-972083 via Re Umbero; Farmacia tel. 0922-972203 via V. Alfieri; Delegazione comunale 0922- 972086 via V. Alfieri; Poste e Telecomunicazioni 0922-972084 via V. Alfieri; Agenzia marittima Siremar tel. 0922-972062 via Re Umberto.

B&B Residence La Posta Tel. +39 320.6010556 - +39 339.7410705