The residence “La Posta” can be reached by boats from Porto Empedocle (AG) all days
Agenzia Siremar (Porto Empedocle) phone: 0922/ 636683.
The ship leaves from Porto Empedocle at  12 p.m and  arrives to Linosa at the dawn of the following morning, after about six hours of navigation.
It is not possible to ship cars, except for the resident, but only motorcycles or bicycles. Who had arrived to Porto Empedocle by cars will have the possibility to leave it on one of the numerous garages situated in the proximities of the harbour whose clerks will contact the travellers directly at the departure.
During the summer period it is possible to reach Linosa through hydroplanes of the company Ustica Lines that have daily crossing (from  November 1 to April 30 they have two weekly runs) and permit to reach Linosa in less than three hours.
Agenzia Barbaro (Porto Empedocle)  0922/ 636110
Since Linosa doesn't have an airport, it is possible to reach in airplane the neighbour island of Lampedusa and from there, continue for Linosa with the ship or the hydroplane.
It is  possible besides to book the crossing with private sailboats.
( Cadeddu Trapani (347/1761718) -  Stella Maris Licata)

B&B Residence La Posta Tel. +39 320.6010556 - +39 339.7410705