The whole territory of the island is to yours complete disposition to relax and to enjoy the beauty of uncontaminated places, and also to taste the culinary specialties of Linosa that founds their roots upon the more typical specialties of Sicily from which the first colonizers of the island descended.
In all the restaurants of Linosa it is always possible to eat fresh fish (above all “cernie” or “ricciole”) and also some traditional dishes among them it is a must to taste the soup of lentils, the couscous, the Linosa’s salad or the bianco mangiare, all based on the healthy Mediterranean diet.
Finally, you can enjoy to buy small objects in the bazaars and shops of souvenir, often built handicraftly by the creative inhabitants of the island, among them the most typical cappellino (a little hat) like a cha fez, realized with cotton of varied colours that will help you to protect you from the sun of the day and from the damp of the night of Linosa.

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